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Brick & Mortar

We are happy to announce that we have recently opened the doors of our first brick and mortar location, and we could not be more excited!
The store is called Moon & Heart, located at 26 James Street in Parry Sound, Ontario. It is a collaboration-style boutique between ourselves at Moon River,  and our lovely friend Ciara, who owns my personal favourite gift giving boutique, Wood & Heart Design Co. The name "Moon & Heart" was created to join each of our business names as one, under the same roof! The 'Moon' in our name is symbolic of our dreamer, creative souls, and the 'Heart' represents our passion for our businesses and for spreading love in our community. We like to think of our store as a safe space for all the like-minded dreamers and lovers out there!
To tell you a little bit about our new business partner, Wood & Heart Design Co. Ciara is the owner and operator of Wood & Heart. She is one of the sweetest souls we have met! Her energy is contagious and we will think you will love her as well! (Why we could not resist joining forces with this beautiful soul and opening Moon & Heart) In 2018, Ciara delved into the world of candle making, with a desire to create non-toxic products that were safe for the environment, as well as being safe for people to use in their homes. Wood and Heart then began operating as an online storefront, offering quality Muskoka-inspired candles made with your health and your home in mind. These candles are seriously my favourite and they make the best gift! We will combine shipping if you wish to try one! 

Ciara hand pours each candle you receive out of her workshop at her home in Seguin, Ontario. Each Wood and Heart product is made with premium ingredients that are hand-selected and carefully considered before being used. Each and every candle is hand poured with love.
Together, we have bridged the gap between candles and women's fashion by labelling our store a "Lifestyle Boutique". This gives both businesses a chance to expand and explore products as we continue to grow. 
Make sure you come say hello!

If you wish to shop with Wood & Heart online click here!